The traditional office environment is becoming a flexible environment, for employees it is increasingly possible to work independently. In addition to equipment made ​​available by the organization, the use of personal smartphones, tablets and laptops in increasing (BYOD).

DIW (Device-independent Working) at any time at any location, the “New Way to Work”, “Working Smarter” are all terms that indicate that organizations are moving more and more in this direction.

To allow for this type of flexible working, specific software for Mobile Device Management (MDM platform) is used together with mobile security solutions to securely manage data and devices.

MD Support is a dynamic company focused on the deployment guidance for all types of mobile devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. However our service goes further; through training to end users, service desk staff and local management staff, MD Support helps your employees working with a new environment. The courses are designed for and made ​​in consultation with your organization and can be given on-site, individually and in groups.

In addition to the training we offer VIP support, break fix support, support/unburden your service desk and much more.

Has your organization started to move in this direction or is it about to make this change?Have you already made your choice for the required software?Are you at the point of implementation, but your organization is not yet equipped to support your end-users to this next step?

Then MS Support is the right partner for you. We form “one” central and specialized contact for advice, guidance and support.

Be amazed by the power of MD Support and challenge us with your order!