We take on the approach for your organization. We act for you as a ‘single- point-of- contact’. Then we shall, in close consultation with you, engage the appropriate experts to deliver your project successfully in an effective and efficient manner.

Below an overview of our services


  • Communication to target groups
  • Providing knowledge session(s) for Service Desk and Local Administration
  • The adding of users in an MDM environment
  • Pre-configuration of hardware (e.g. tablets) on which an MDM environment will be placed
  • Organize user training (from planning to invite)
  • Provide user training on-site
  • Providing user documentation, specific to the organization
  • VIP support
  • Break fix
  • Delivering mutations for CMDB
  • Telephone support desk for number of agreed/specified period
  • Local support desk for the agreed / specified period


  • Refresher Course – group training
  • Refresher Course – individual
  • Refresher Course – group training to service desk staff
  • Training for new users – groups and/or individual
  • Training use new apps – group training
  • Training use new apps – individual
  • Training use new apps – group training to service desk staff

User information

  • Making new user manuals
  • Making instructional videos


  • On-site support desk
  • Telephone support desk
  • VIP Support
  • Break fix