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The traditional office environment is becoming a flexible environment, for employees it is increasingly possible to work independently. In addition to equipment made ​​available by the organization, the use of personal smartphones, tablets and laptops in increasing (BYOD).

DIW (Device-independent Working) at any time at any location, the “New Way to Work”, “Working Smarter” are all terms that indicate that organizations are moving more and more in this direction.

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Our services

  • End-to-End Support

    Full implementation support; from taking the device out of its box up to handing a fully working device to the customer. We also create a CDMB with all hardware and train all customers how to use their new environment. The customer also receives a month support from our helpdesk.

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  • Training

    We provide training and support to the customer. We provide support for the installation of all provided Apps (applications) and give training in working with them. During the training our assistants will be present to provide hands-on support.

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  • Tailor made solutions

    Every organization is different and has its own company policies. If our packages do not fit your organization, we also offer tailor made solutions.

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  • Pre-install devices

    Installation of all the needed apps, create ID’s and create a CMDB with all hardware configuration specifications. We can do this on-site or at the customer’s location.

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  • Customer support

    We provide:

    • - On-site support
    • - Helpdesk support
    • - VIP support
    • - Break-fix support

    You can choose for support for a few months or for a year or more.

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